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Educating good parents in the toughest fight of their lives.

Every single day, Judges are siding with abusers, narcissists and addicts because they have more money and a better strategy. My mission is to change that reality.

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Digital Courses & Coaching

Educating parents in the toughest fight of their lives.

Every single day, Judges are siding with abusers, narcissists and addicts because they have more money and a better strategy. My mission is to change that reality.

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Save thousands by fighting the smart way
Build a compelling case based on evidence
Prepare for court and impress the Judge
Protect your mental health and even thrive


“Winning your Custody Battle came too late for me. I spent over $300,000 in lawyer fees and still my ex has more time with my kids than I do. I made so many mistakes that Ruthie talks about – I hired a lawyer who wasn’t good in the courtroom, I bombed my testimony, I let my ex hijack the case with a better story. Even though he lied and lied and lied, I didn’t know how to prove it. My lawyer was really no help. It still haunts me that I spent more than 3 years of my life fighting and my four kids spend more time with their alcoholic dad.

Do yourself a favor and invest in this course. It could change everything.” —Mother of 4 in Georgia


"I would do anything to go back in time and have this course. I wasted $50,000 and the information my lawyer gave me was no where near what Ruthie offers. There is so much that can go wrong in custody cases, and this course covers all the bases." —Father of 3 in Tennessee


"Ruthie, it worked! The Judge sided with me. I won." —Father of 3 in Tennessee


"I'm two lessons in and Winning your Custody Battle has already paid for itself with how much this has helped me!" —Mother of 1 in Wisconsin 


"Think of this course as a complete picture of how to win your custody battle plus you get Ruthie to hold your hand through it all. Her lesson on what to do when you feel like you can't go on marked a turning point in my life. If you feel alone in your custody battle, you won't if you take this course. Ruthie's encouragement in every lesson was a God-send." — Mother of 5 in California



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Find the confidence to master your fight for custody

This is the hardest moment of your life.
And it needs to be the most strategic.

I know it feels unbearable. I know you have no idea what to do. It may feel impossible to even think clearly–much less fight your ex over the kids or navigate the legal system.

But –

You don’t have the luxury of falling apart – you are a parent.

I bet you’ve heard the all-too-common stories, too. Abusive, neglectful, and addicted parents winning split custody. The men with a record of violence winning or women with severe alcoholism having sole custody.

And then the stories of spending over 200 or even 300 thousand dollars in attorney’s fees — and still not winning?

How did this happen? Why did the Judges in these cases rule in that way? Are the cards stacked against anyone who wants more than split custody, even when one parent is clearly negligent?

I put thousands of hours into answering these questions – and giving you a playbook for how to navigate this extraordinarily difficult time in your life.

Don’t give up before you’ve even started. What you do now will impact your kids for the rest of their lives.


Custody battles are extraordinarily expensive

— and extremely complex.


Do you need a lawyer? Can you win without one? (Take the free quiz here.)

You don’t want to get $80,000 into a legal bill to find out you hired the wrong lawyer. Neither do you want to agree to a bad custody arrangement because you didn’t know what you were doing.

Most of you will need to hire an attorney at some point — but your legal bills can be 6 figures before you blink. And on the flip side, custody battles are extremely complex and difficult to win on your own.

There is hope. There is a path forward.

You need to hire the right lawyer at the right time. You need to get your strategy in place and start to fight now — before your ex beats you to it.

In 15 video lessons, Winning your Custody Battle, gives you the step-by-step guide to…

âś” Hire the right lawyer and make sure you know how to work with them to win

✔ Develop a strategy and understand what you are up against 

✔ Get your story down, know how to testify, and gather the right evidence 

✔ Know exactly what to do (and what not to do) now so you don’t ruin your chances to win 

✔ Do a lot of the work yourself and save thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) in legal fees 

✔ Understand how your ex can hijack the case – and learn to tell a better story

âś” And much more

Your lawyer doesn’t have time to give you all this information – and if they did, the last thing you want to do is pay them $500 per hour to explain everything on custody battles. 


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