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When Things Fall Apart 

Building resilience and courage during your custody battle 

This is the hardest moment of your life. Fighting for custody of your children – whether you are at the starting line or the nightmare is over – is something no parent should have to endure. It’s terrifying. Soul-crushing, even. 

I'm guessing you wouldn't describe yourself as thriving

But you don’t have the luxury of giving up or not starting to rebuild your life – you are a parent. 

Your kids need you to thrive. In fact, it's the best thing you can do for them. 

I know how hard it is. I’ve been where you are – unable to FATHOM how your life has turned out this way. During my custody battle, I couldn't eat; I couldn't sleep. I walked around in a fog and just sobbed to anyone who would listen. 

I wish I could magically make the Judge see the truth, your ex drop the charade, and your kids come back full time. But I can't. 

What I can do is tell you my story and how I built resilience and courage. I can tell you how I made it out alive – and the steps I took to get to my brand new life. I’m THRIVING and it’s all because I did the excruciating work to heal and fight during my darkest days. 

Brighter days are ahead if you are willing to do the work. 

Join me for the FREE (until seats are taken) LIVE class, When Things Fall Apart: Building resilience and courage during your custody battle. 

When Things Fall Apart is for ...

✔ Mothers and fathers about to engage in a custody battle or even still living in an unhealthy relationship

✔ Parents in a custody battle who feel like they can't breathe because of the fear 

✔ Divorced men and women who want a renewed since of hope  

✔ Anyone who wants to feel like themselves again — and thrive!


  • 90-minute FREE live class with Ruthie from Winning Your Custody Battle

  • 4 sessions offered: April 16th: 10am and 12pm EST, April 17th: 2pm and 7pm EST 

  • Ruthie will share her story and the strategies that helped her heal, build resilience, and hold onto hope through her multi-year custody battle 

  • Free bonuses for showing up and staying until the end